Interior  |  Slightly Updated Interior

The interior in my car started out in pretty decent condition overall, for a car that was twenty years old anyways. It had been brutalized by various so called "installers" from various companies, and seen many people come and go. As such it had various worn items, and a couple broken pieces here and there, not to mention the mess of wiring all through-out from various items. These items include, but are not limted to: a CB radio, a car phone, and a security system. These were all removed and the wiring was restored to it's original glory. From the now restored factory point things got modified, but modified correctly, with updated diagrams showing all changes made kept by myself for future reference.

The options the car was equipped with when purchased were decent for the time, however the interior was not complete. Some missing options included cruise control and air conditioning. Since the car is not intended by myself to be a race car, I've decided that I will make the car comfortable and have the options I want it to have. The options I want it to have: everything. It turns out the options available are all pretty darn good, plus I've added some extra stuff that was never available for the AE86 from the factory. I've added cruise control, power windows, power locks (aftermarket), variable intermittant wipers (from Japanese GT-APEX model), and a factory CD player (from 1994 Supra). The entire project is basically centred around making the car more modern with nice touches and features, but keeping it within the correct time frame, and making everything in the car feel like it was there from the factory.

Some things were replaced with new pieces (shift knob) and others were replaced with new pieces from other cars (shift boot from a 1982-86 Supra), but overall I feel it is true to my project goals. Enjoy the pics.

Note that the pics are out of order and do not correctly show the process of updating, as such you'll notice some older elements in some pics that have changed in other pics. From my description above, I hope you are able to make out how the car looks currently. I hope to have a more organized gallery at a later date once the car is finally completed and out of the garage.