Suspension  |  TRD Street Performance

The original suspension in the Corolla GT-S was sporty and had a relatively nice feel to it, however 20 years of use carries a toll. As the car would now have an extra 55hp, I thought it prudent to at least upgrade the suspension a bit over factory-spec. While I do enjoy stiffer suspension and better handling, many people who own/modify the AE86 go to the opposite end of the spectrum compared to the relatively comfortable stock setup. I don't want to feel every bump in my spine, nor do I want to hear squeaks over every dip in the road. TRD Japan non-race suspension parts were chosen for the use on the car.
Front Springs: TRD Japan 27.4N/mm Lowering Springs (48131-AE811)
Rear Springs: TRD Japan 26.5N/mm Lowering Springs (48231-AE811)
Front Struts: TRD Japan Non-Adjustable Oil-Type (48511-AE851)
Rear Shocks: TRD Japan Non-Adjustable Oil-Type (48531-AE851)
Front Sway Bar: TRD Japan 24.0mm (48810-AE800)
Rear Sway Bar: TRD Japan 16.0mm (48830-AE810)
Bushings: TRD Japan Bushing Set (40862-AE852)